Pavelka Corporate

For a healthy, resilient workforce

Bespoke corporate packages providing support through:

Inspire story video shows

Live events

Digital media platforms

The Problem

  • Productivity loss associated with ill-health costing UK economy £73 billion a year.
  • British employers are losing on average 27.5 days of productive time per employee each year as a result of ill-health. [1]

Our Approach

  • Pavelka works with companies to address this.
  • We instruct, encourage and facilitate people to become stronger, fitter and more resilient.

How we do it

  • We use a 'one size fits one' approach that becomes embedded into company culture.
  • We use a range of resources, products and services which are based on our 4 Elements of Health.
  • By making small, sustainable changes people begin to thrive.

The Results

  • Our results shine through the people whom we work with. Those around them are also getting involved wanting to know why their work colleagues now have a different approach to life.

    This movement is infectious!

Case Study

Our work with a global tech company.

Although their technology changes the world, their edge comes from their people.

This is just some of the feedback we received:

“Thanks a million for all the effort to get this off the ground – it’s fab!”

“I just wanted to say congrats and thank you for the Pavelka House initiative – it’s AWESOME – so great to be able to access something like this through work!”

“The relevancy of the concept and content felt like a natural fit”